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Requirements to be a LMT

LMT is short for Licensed Massage Therapist.  What does it mean to be a Licensed Massage Therapist?  In order to become a Licensed Massage Therapist in New York State.  One has to graduate from a 1000 hour massage school program.  One studies Pathology, Myology, Anatomy & Physiology, Swedish Massage, Pregnancy Massage, Deep Tissue Massage,Treatments, Sports Massage, Shiatsu Massage, and Chair Massage, New York State Laws for Massage Therapy, etc.. While in school students send in an application to apply to take the New York State Boards for massage therapy, license, and registration.  They must pass their board exam otherwise they cannot work as a massage therapist.  Every 3 years Licensed Massage Therapists must renew their their registration for massage therapy.  They must continue to follow all the laws concerning massage therapy for New York State, if they are caught breaking the rules they could end up losing their license as a massage therapist and will no longer be able to work as a massage therapist.

If would like to know all the laws of massage therapy for New York State feel free to check out this website click here.

Also New York State requires their licensed massage therapists to properly drape their clients.  If would like to know the law concerning draping click here.

One can actually check with the New York State government to make sure that nurses, doctors, and yes even massage therapists are really licensed by New York State.  One doesn't just have to take the word of the massage therapist.  If you would like to double check with New York State click here.  Choose category massage therapist, then type in last name Nudd.  It will show the license number 028941 Nudd Kate Jaclyn.  It will say Palmyra, New York because that is where she lives.  Kate Jaclyn Nudd LMT decided to use her first and middle name for her business name this is why her business is called KateJaclyn Massage.  Here at KateJaclyn Massage KateJaclyn follows the laws of New York State for massage therapy.  Not only does she follow the rules but she tries to give every single client that comes in for a massage the very best massage that she can.

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