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Welcome to KateJaclyn Massage!  Services offered here: Clinical Application of Essential Oils, Swedish Massage, Pregnancy Massage, Deep Tissue/Treatments Massage, Hot Stones Massage, Hot and Cold Hydrotherapy, Chair Massage, Traveling Chair Massage, Traveling Table Massages, Stretches, Abdominal Massage, Essential Oils, and Clothed Table Massage. KateJaclyn's aspiration as a licensed massage therapist is to provide a safe environment for healing through massage therapy and the use of high quality therapeutic grade essential oils.  When working knots her philosophy is that it should feel borderline annoying, a feel good pain, or tolerable.  A 60 minute massage with KateJaclyn is a 60 minute massage unless a client is late to the appointment.

New Office Location: 

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642 Kreag Suite 103F Road

Pittsford, NY 14534

24 Hour Cancellation Policy

Here at KateJaclyn Massage a client's commitment starts as soon as they book an appointment for a massage.  For any reason if one needs to reschedule an appointment one needs to give at least 24 hours notice.  Failure to give 24 hours notice one is responsible for paying in full for the missed appointment.  KateJaclyn LMT does not like having to enforce this policy but will if she has too.  If  one misses the 24 hour window, if one texts, calls, or emails as soon as they know they can't make the appointment and explain what is going on, she might let it slide and let the client reschedule.  If a client just decides not to show up to an appointment that client will have to pay for the missed appointment.

New Business Hours

  • Sunday Noon-6 p.m.  At Office Location or Traveling In Home Massage
  • Monday Noon-6 p.m. At Office Location
  • Tuesday Noon-6 p.m. Traveling In Home Massage or Traveling At Work Massage
  • Wednesday Noon-6 p.m.  At Office Location
  • Thursday Noon-6 p.m.  Traveling In Home Massage or Traveling At Work Massage 
  • Accept same-day appointments if available.  Please give at least 2 hours advance notice
    • Please call & leave a message or text for same-day appointments.
    • Call/Text 315-604-2645

If you would like to book an appointment online please click the link down below.

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KateJaclyn Nudd Licensed Massage Therapist can offer chair massages or table massages in home or at work.  Her traveling hours are flexible the only time she is unavailable is Friday’s 2p.m. through Saturday.

Birthday Special

For Regular Prices Only: Choose from $15 off Clinical Application of Essential Oils, or 1 free Add on: Essential Oils, Deep Tissue/Treatments, Full Body Hot Stone Massage, or 15 extra minutes.   If choose the 15 extra minutes please notify therapist when booking the appointment.  Must come in during the month of birthday.

(Disclaimer: In case of any coupons or other deals going on, one deal per massage.)


Refer 3 people get 30 minutes free. Can get a 30 minute chair or add 30 minutes to a massage.  For referrals to count the person you refer must be a new client.  Groupon/Living Social vouchers count as a referral from Groupon/Living Social.

Rewards Program

  • 12 Table Massages within 12 months 13th Table Massage Free
    • Free Table Massage is based upon what type of Table Massage client has normally got
    • Example: normally get 60 minute Swedish, that would be the free massage.
    • No Groupon/Living Social massages or Groupon deals count towards the rewards program
  • However Long it takes to get 12 Table Massages for those who normally get 30 or 45 minutes 13th massage get 20 Minutes free, for those who normally get 60 minutes or longer 13th massage get 30 minutes free.
    • Again no Groupon/Living Social massages or groupon deals count towards the rewards program
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