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Starting Monday, January 8, 2018 KateJaclyn Massage is no longer selling anymore massages through Groupon or Livingsocial.  If one has already bought one they can still be used at KateJaclyn Massage.  All the rules of using the groupon will still apply.  If have any questions please refer to the Questions and answers down below.

Business has moved to new location:

De Brine Family Chiropractic, P.C.  Dr. Karen L. De Brine has 28 Years of Experience.  Office location and address: 668 A Phillips Road, Victor, NY 14564.

This page is to answer any questions that Groupon/Livingsocial customers have concerning Groupon/Livingsocial vouchers. For Livingsocial customers just replace Groupon with the word Livingsocial.

  • Can I schedule a couples massage and use two Groupons?  KateJaclyn Massage doesn't sell couples massages with Groupon. If you really want a couples massage that involves different pricing and working with another therapist. Kate Jaclyn Nudd is the only Licensed Massage Therapist working at KateJaclyn Massage. She does not have a twin, she is only one person and only has two arms and two hands so she is not capable of giving two massages at the same time.
  • Can I include hot stone massage with my Groupon massage?  KateJaclyn Massage does not sell a Mini-Stone Massage or a Full Body Stone Massage with Groupon. What it says on the Groupon that is what the Groupon is for.
  • Can I get some of the free add ons that are on the KateJaclyn Massage website with a Groupon massage?  Those free add ons are for returning clients or for clients who come to KateJaclyn Massage directly the first time.  On the Groupon voucher it doesn't say there are any free add ons included with the Groupon massage.
  • Can I schedule an appointment today for a massage? On the Groupon fine print it says that 24 hour advance notice is required to book an appointment for a Groupon massage.
  • Can I cancel the massage last minute and reschedule the massage at another time? There is a 24 hour cancellation policy. Need at least 24 hours notice in order to reschedule a massage otherwise the Groupon voucher will be redeemed.
  • How do I redeem the Groupon voucher? The client doesn't need to redeem the Groupon voucher. The massage therapist will redeem it when the client comes to the appointment?
  • What is the Goupon voucher number? It is the number under the barcode, it is the number under the word voucher, it is the number under the word redemption code. It only has numbers in it. There are no letters.
  • How do I find the Groupon voucher? Go into your Groupon account through the Groupon app on your phone or the Groupon website. Click on Groupons you have bought, then click on KateJaclyn Massage, click view or print voucher. Sometimes it may ask if you want to redeem the voucher, in order to view the voucher. It will not redeem the voucher unless you click the button redeem.  When a Groupon customer purchases a Groupon, Groupon will send a confirmation of what they bought in an email in this email it does not include the Groupon voucher number. One has to go into the actual Groupon account in order to access the Groupon voucher number.
  • Which Groupon should I buy? Swedish: typically a full body massage, for the purpose of relaxation, releases muscle tension as a whole, supports the bodies natural response to stress, and whatever the clients preference is  for pressure. So light,  medium, hard, or deep pressure. When going to see a new massage therapist it is best to give the therapist a pressure range. A Groupon Swedish Massage can also be used as a Pregnancy Massage. During a Pregnancy Massage if a client is in the second or third trimester they are massaged in a sideline position for the majority of the massage. Deep Tissue: specifically working out knots, trigger points, or tense muscle bellies. Muscles respond better to tender loving touch. If a therapist goes in deep real quick without warming up the muscle, trying to work out the knot or trigger point real quick it could actually aggravate the knot for trigger point more and the client will not feel any difference or could end up feeling worse. So it is best to focus on a certain area of the body for the full 60 minutes in a deep tissue massage. Some clients really know their body, they know one specific area is bothering them and would like knots worked out in that area, and the rest of the body just worked real quick. This also falls under the category of a Deep Tissue Massage.
  • What if a Deep Tissue is sold out? Then buy the Swedish and bring $5 extra to the appointment to upgrade to Deep Tissue.
  • Can I pay the massage therapist directly instead of buying it through Groupon? KateJaclyn Massage only sells 10 Swedish Groupon vouchers per month and 10 Deep Tissue Groupon vouchers per month. Once they are sold out that is it until next month.
  • Can I book a Groupon appointment for a friend to suprise that friend? The best thing to do would be to print the groupon voucher as a gift and let the friend use it when they want.  Please make sure that the friend knows about all the rules concerning the Goupon.  They will still apply whether the friend is aware of them or not.  If you want to schedule an appointment for a friend so that the friend doesn't know about the massage until the day of massage then when you can book an appointment book the appointment under your first and last name.  When booking online leave in the comment section that this massage is for your friend.  Give real friends first and last name in the comment section with the groupon voucher/redeemable number/ number under the barcode.  If you give an email and phone number make sure to give a working email and working phone number.
  • Can I still use the Groupon after the Groupon expires? There is a 3 month expiration date on the Groupon. Groupon customers have 3 months to use the Groupon if they want the promotional deal. After the 3 months is up whatever the amount that the Groupon customer paid for the Groupon massage can be used towards another massage. But it is different pricing. Go to the homepage and there is the New Client First Massage Deal and the Birthday Special Deal. There may be other deals listed on the homepage. So whatever the Groupon customer paid for the massage, they can use the amount paid for the groupon voucher towards another massage and just make up the difference.
  • Do I tip? Tipping is optional at KateJaclyn Massage, but tips are always welcomed.
  • How do I schedule a Groupon appointment? The best way to book an appointment is by booking online through the website but if you must 2nd choice text, 3rd choice call, or  4th choice email.  Some people have tried to use the have messaged through the facebook business page and at times it is a week or a month before KateJaclyn realizes that someone tried to contact her that way to book an appointment. When KateJaclyn LMT is at home, the cell phone service is spotty or has trouble making a clear connection so feel free to leave a message and she will get back to you when she can.

Information massage therapist needs when booking a Groupon Appointment: First Name, Last Name, phone number with area code, what type of massage (Swedish or Deep Tissue), and the groupon voucher number.

When coming to the appointment bring the Groupon voucher. Some Groupon customers have had trouble viewing the Groupon voucher on the app due to bad cell phone reception, so please take a picture on your phone as a backup copy or print the voucher.

Location: De Brine Chiropratic

668 A Phillips Road

Victor, NY 14564

Business Hours! Sunday-Thursday noon-6pm.

*When booking online: Please make sure to mention in the comments section that it is a Groupon and include the Groupon voucher number. Click the booknow button to book an appointment online.*

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